Suns Out Totes Out

Alright ladies, pack your bag we’re going to the pool! There is nothing is more relaxing than laying out by the pool (or arguably the beach), opening up a book, and soaking up the sun. However, this much needed #youtime can be a total bust if you forget one of your pool or beach side essentials. The Veeshee beach bag has ample room for all of your belongings and is effortlessly you. The possibilities for customization are endless. With the Veeshee tote, you can keep up with this summers stripes trend or take the more sophisticated monogram route. One things for certain though, no one is going to have a bag as unique as yours.


Style Tips: Customize your tote with a lighter colored solid exterior (see below) and a pop of color on the leather lining to compliment a simple cover up. I recommend a light white tunic.


Style more wild: Try customizing your tote with our natural leopard exterior with a oatmeal leather lining to tie together your favorite white v-neck and jean shorts next time you leave the house!

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