Treasure Hunting at Scott’s

We’re constantly looking for cool, unusual pieces we can adopt and incorporate into our posts and office decor. Scott Antique Markets  is a huge indoor & outdoor Antique Show! It’s lasts Thursday-Sunday once a month. It’s always the first full week of each month. So that means the next one is this week, June 9th-12th! It’s definitely something worth checking out, you never know what your going to find. They have everything from couches to jewelry! If vintage is your thing, then this is your pot of gold. Happy Antiquing!

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Exploring #ATL Wall Art

Who knew Atlanta could be so inspiring? We have been traveling all around the city lately in search of these magnificent walls! We’ve tracked down quite a few already and they are even better in person.  All of the ones you see below are by the artist HENSE. I think we may have a favorite… keep up with us on Instagram to see how we put them to use!