5 Bloggers, 5 Ways: See how 5 different bloggers rock their Veeshee tote!

Summer may technically be almost over but there is still plenty of heat left to take those last minute beach trips or just hang by the pool!  We’ve teamed up with 5 bloggers to showcase their personal style and put their design skills to the test! They each personalized their own Ravenna bag from start to finish! One of the fun things about being a brand where your customers can design a bag the way they like it, is seeing their creativity and how it relates back to their individual style! Make sure to click the links below to each one of these lovely ladies and check out their blogs! :)


Caroline Bramlett of LCB Style with her custom made Ravenna tote in Pacific Dot print!



Margret Rojas of “Style the Girl” with her custom made Ravenna tote in Coastal Stripe print!



Sara Oberton of “Haute and Humid” with her custom made Ravenna tote in Cayman Villa print!



Samantha of “A Touch of Leopard” shows us what’s inside her custom made Ravenna tote in Cayman Villa print!



Lauren Vandiver of “Vandi Fair” with her custom made Ravenna tote in Cayman Villa print!



Ravenna Giveaway!

  Attention ladies! It’s giveaway time! :) Freedom of Wardrobe & Veeshee  are teaming up to give away this lovely laminated Ravenna tote to one lucky winner!  Head on over to our instagram (@veeshee) after 6:00 to see how to enter!! It’s really easy :)

2016-6-21_Weekly-social_171 blog

2016-6-21_Weekly-social_051 blog

2016-6-21_Weekly-social_165 blog


Meet The Models: Brooke Gothard!

Every wonder who the beauties are that have been flooding our instagram and lookbooks lately?  Each week I’m going to post a brief questionnaire which each of the girls so you can get to know a little more about them! After all they are more than just a pretty face ;) To kick things off, meet blonde bombshell Brooke Gothard!



Brooke Uberprints Questionaire

Must-Haves for the 4th! #doitforthegram

     Summer is officially in full swing and 4th of July weekend has arrived! I’m sure many of you out there are excited to finally dig your toes into the sand, see some fireworks and make great memories with friends and family ! If you’re like me you’ve been group texting your friends about this weekend for a month… :) In honor of the 4th of July, I wanted to share with you a few of our favorite summertime photo props that just make your life that much more festive! Of course Veeshee bags made the cut ;)

You know as they say #doitforthegram! Also be sure to check out our summer look book if you haven’t yet!!


American Flag- Well this was a given, but we love that it’s a scarf.  Perfect photo op! It pairs nicely with our Dune Stripe Ravenna bag!


Pool Floats- you can never have too many! Not pictured- mini size drink holder floats..shop Amazon my friends!


Watermelon- works every time and you can eat it after ;) Also featuring our Dune Stripe Ravenna bag!


OG Beach Ball- seriously sometimes the best things are #basic. $1 at Target! Paired with our Cayman Villa Ravenna bag!


Ice Pops- your favorite treat as a kid! Plus lots of colors to choose from.  $4.00 for a box of 80 at Walmart! Paired with our Pacific Dot Ravenna bag :)


Pineapples- the #1 trending fruit of 2016.  Put a spin on it and spray paint them gold!




Treasure Hunting at Scott’s

We’re constantly looking for cool, unusual pieces we can adopt and incorporate into our posts and office decor. Scott Antique Markets  is a huge indoor & outdoor Antique Show! It’s lasts Thursday-Sunday once a month. It’s always the first full week of each month. So that means the next one is this week, June 9th-12th! It’s definitely something worth checking out, you never know what your going to find. They have everything from couches to jewelry! If vintage is your thing, then this is your pot of gold. Happy Antiquing!

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